they/them. lesbian.
19. scorpio. intj.
ina/eng ok

books, milk tea, mythology, writing

terfs, cold, procrastination, lesbophobes

do not follow me if:
you fit the usual dnfi criteria you are under 15you say the word dyke when you're not a lesbian

sb instead of unfi occasionally get into lesbian discourse im an able-bodied non black poc, please let me know how i can educate and improve myself when i make a mistakei get inactive sometimes due to being swept up by rl things

hayley kiyoko, king princess, mitski, the neighbourhood, hozier, daniel caesar, beach house, brockhampton, amine, sufjan stevens, lorde, hippo campus & more.

shades of magic series, hp, pjo, victoria schwab books, circe, aristotle & dante, six of crows, aftg, the raven cycle, & more.

black mirror, the get down, stranger things, the end of the f***ing world, sense8, queer eye, the good place, brooklyn 99, & more.

haikyuu, bnha, owari no seraph, free!, bungou stray dogs, kuroko no basket, no.6, kimi no na wa, akira, ghibli, & more.

    on these days, i saw you


    jeon wonwoo svt
    oh seunghee clc
    wen junhui svt
    boo seungkwan svt

    heo hyunjoon tbz
    do kyungsoo exo
    kim minkyung pristin
    ha sooyoung loona

    seventeen, clc, pristin, the boyz, loona, dia

    chungha, ha:tfelt, heize, hyuna, sunmi